A way to describe how you run when you are very much in a hurry to get to one place, person, or thing, or to get away from something or someone or to leave your current location.
1. "Dude you're telling me you have the beer shits? Hurry up, run like your ass is on fire, and find a poopalorium before you'll end up in the biggest embarrassment of your life!"

2. When LCpl. William alligator armed the grenade he tried to throw at a group of Iraqi insurgents and it fell six feet short of him, he knew he had to take off running like his ass was on fire to avoid being sent home in a coffin draped in his own country's flag, being injured for life, or worse, being buried like a dead animal by the insurgents he was combating with.

Mark H. UD contributer since last February.
by Mark H April 7, 2005