is a acronym for Amped On Coffee. Usually used by californians who are hip with the street lingo.
casey: hey do you know what aoc means??
jacob: uhh no?
casey: well it means amped on coffee bra, duhh!! everyone who is anyone knows that.
jacob: sorry man maybe i should go out to california so i can be hip and cool.
casey: (smells own fart)
by the new mexican July 25, 2010
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noun: A.O.C. Stands for Ass of Champions. a girl with a great ass. Doesn't need to be big just a perfect ass, shape and size. A Ass that would win in a contest hands down.
-Hey Marco did you see Megan's today

-Hell yeah Sam she's got an nice A.O.C.

-I would hit that all day
by Tokenbg April 11, 2007
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Agonizing, orifice of communist
AKA: Stupid. Unintelligent. Simply moronic.
AOC should not be allowed in a room.
via giphy
by Professor Don February 04, 2021
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AOC, or Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, is an Applebee's bartender who was promoted to Congress after being selected via the Democrat's 'Loser Lottery' initiative.

Her success continued, being voted the Dem's most beloved liar and being presented with the Golden Sickle award, after some notable Stunning and Bravesβ„’, including, but not limited to;

- Pretending to cry dramatically against a chain link fence which she claimed was located at a migrant detention center. It was later determined to be a local parking lot.

- Lying about growing up in hardship in the Bronx, a champion of the poor. She actually grew up in Westchester County.

- Claiming to be a sexual assault survivor but providing no proof, with many disputing her claims.

- Telling the media she was under attack and was almost killed at the Jan 6th peaceful protest

Etc, etc, etc

More recently, AOC decried the priorities of the government, saying her Abuela back home hadn't received financial support to fix her home. When she is a multi-millionaire and the repairs would cost $500.

Despite her teeth defying dental science, she is coincidentally the cause of many a "Jen Psaki Situation.' (See UD definition).
Abuela: Dios mio, my roof, eet seenk, water, eet pour. Plees AOC, lend me the $500.
AOC: This government has so much to answer for, letting you live in these conditions.
Abuela: Pls AOC I havint eaten for 71 days
by TheSaltergeist June 04, 2021
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