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A tagalog/Filipino word that mean "Son of a bitch".

Evolution of "amf":
Amf = Amfota = Phota = Puta = Putang ina = Putang ina mo

Amf is actually "PUTANG INA MO"'s shorthand version. It was first seen on the popular game "Philippine ragnarok Online", now it is used in IRC and IM (Yahoo Messenger)

Amf has two uses:
1) To Offend / Insult someone
2) As an expression

See also: Putangina mo, Gago , Lol, hehe
Usage 1: pRO ingame scenario

*Player A Killed A Monster*

*Player B took the LOOT without permission *

Player A to Player B: Amf ka! Go to hell! GRRRRRRR.

Usage 2: IM Scenario

Someone: Have you heard that the Peso to Dollar rate is 60 pesos to a Dollar?

Me: amf?!

Usage 2.1: IRC scenario

Someone: I love eating icecream, especially when its dipped in ketchup.

Me: amf. ( Same as LOL )
by Javarush October 08, 2005

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1) Trying to "FIT IN" in terms of fashion and social acceptance.

2) Selling your character just to be socially accepted.

Synonym: POSER
Jason is so trying hard, he tries to be a rocker even if he's not, just to be accepted.
by Javarush September 13, 2005

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1) Evil fame or public reputation
2) a state of extreme dishonor
Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.
by Javarush August 18, 2005

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A Filipino/Tagalog word that came from the word "Papansin" which means attention seeker.

pampam is papansin's shorthand version. Pampam's implication is negative in nature. Pampam is a new word coined to substitute for "K.S.P" or Kulang sa Pansin ( Lack of attention ) .

* Inside a Private School *
* StupidBoy told some "not so funny" jokes while the teacher is giving a lecture. "
GeekBoy: PamPam ka. (You're an attention seeker)
by Javarush October 15, 2005

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A Filipino/Tagalog word that means "to stop". This word is often used in jeepneys in the Philippines since Jeepney drivers don't stop in the corressponding jeepney stops.

The word is believed to have originated from the spanish word "Para", Meaning "TO" or in the "DIRECTION OF" when referring to a specific place:
SPANISH: Voy para Europa.
ENGLISH: I'm heading to Europe.

"Para" has two meanings:
1) To Stop.
2) As Preposition
Usage 1:
* A student riding a jeepney have reached the school *
Student: Mama, Para po, sa tabi lng. ( Sir, please stop on the sidewalk.)

Usage 2:
Ang Dog House ay para sa ASO. ( The dog house is for the dog )
by Javarush October 15, 2005

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A popular and convenient way to get around in the Philippines. The jeepney is the most used mass transportation in the Philippines.

The first jeepney was the army jeeps left by the United States after the Second World War. Artworks of painstaking detail are often seen on the shining chrome bodies of these vehicles, which, as earlier said, are copies of army jeeps, resized and remodeled to accommodate commuting passengers numbering from 20 to 30 all in all.

The unique thing about jeepneys is that no jeepney is exactly the same as another.

Jeepneys usually have boards attatched on the windshield of the jeep to indicate where it will be going.

Passenger usually shouts Para if they want to leave the jeepney.

Jeepney is also called JEEP.

American: Hey Juan, what is the best way to get to makati?

Filipino: Joe, ride the jeepney that has the board named "makati" in the windshield.
by Javarush October 15, 2005

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