Acronym for Amboy Is Dying Slowing. Amboy being short for Perth Amboy, NJ highest AIDS count in Middlesex County.
Guy 1: Yo, that girl from Perth Amboy is bangin'

Guy 2: You know what A.I.D.S. stands for right?

Guy 1: No.
Guy 2: Amboy Is Dying Slowly. Stay away from them skanks before your dick falls off.

Guy 1: Damn
by Nyaar June 02, 2012
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Artificial Intelligence Dual Screen

When your real life and online persona merge, by ways of the algorithmic uploading of your life onto the internet, creating a hyper-dimensional reality.
My sister had to quit facebook because her 300 friends gave her AI.DS.
by Lady Capulet August 10, 2018
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Being stuped idiotic or a retard

EG: if someone dose somthing wrong then they are to be called an aid.
by Pussy penotrator December 19, 2017
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Nature's way of preventing stupid people from breeding and multiplying
Joseph: Babe I think I'm ready to take this a step further... I'm ready for kids.
Ellen: Sorry darling... I have AIDS... Surprise!
by Lilyeetboi April 21, 2018
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Is the disease u get when absolute sweats on fortnite come after u and make u cringe so hard ur balls blow up
That game gave me strait aids the bot said same he will never be good at the game
by Daddy7388)71 December 07, 2018
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