Ayed, is someone who has achieved the pinnacle of humanity. It can be another way to address a complete intellectual, badass, handsome legend, etc. When Ayed is around, everyone around you is full of happiness. Calling someone a Ayed is the highest form of compliments there are.
Mawee: "Yooo Ahmad you're such a Ayed!"
Ahmad: "Thanks man, I try my best!"
by PrimeTheGoat March 13, 2019
Alright, or aiight. Originated in Philly.
"Yo hmu at Mills."
"ai where you at"
by gregxx December 20, 2014
1. The original Chinese character for love. In "ai" there is also the Chinese character for "heart" because you love with your heart.

2. The Japanese word for love, borrowed from the Chinese, it is the same character and meaning.
1. "Wo ai ni" (I love you)Chinese

2. "Aishiteru" (I love you)Japanese
by Angee August 29, 2004
AIS simply stands for ass in seat. Word can be used when you set an exact time or something and you let the person know AIS or else.
Mike's father told him and his younger brother at 5:30am they better he AIS or they will get left.
by Barbie March 29, 2005
It's an abbreviation for "Ass In Seat" or else. It started from the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" where Ray tried to pull it on Debra, but he was inept to know that you never pull an AIS on your own wife, but on the kids, just to teach them a lesson about being on time. It is usually said when you want your passengers in the car, so you can drive at the right time.
Ross: Alright Mon, for the party tomorrow we're doing an AIS or else at 5:00 p.m.
Monica: Alright, agreed, AIS or else at 5 pm.
by iLoveAss May 24, 2009
lonely bitch, funny, pretty, sweet and amazing kisser but always with a broken heart.
by Ahahahah May 31, 2020
AYS is an acronym for "at your service" and "as you say".
In reply to an email from my boss, I wrote AYS sir.
by Tahir Barry August 20, 2008