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Ayed, is someone who has achieved the pinnacle of humanity. It can be another way to address a complete intellectual, badass, handsome legend, etc. When Ayed is around, everyone around you is full of happiness. Calling someone a Ayed is the highest form of compliments there are.
Mawee: "Yooo Ahmad you're such a Ayed!"
Ahmad: "Thanks man, I try my best!"
by PrimeTheGoat March 13, 2019

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Isabella is a very complex person. She can be usually referred to as "bean" or "Driz". Isabella has a bright personality and loves to go out and meet new people. She is a fun person to be around and has a magnetic personality.

Isabella, usually appears as though she's stoned from how little of a fuck she gives about the haters. If you see her, don't be surprised if you see her staring into nothingness saying random words.

Watch out, if you have any food within her vicinity she'll steal it faster than Swiper the fox. Her favorite meals consist of meat and candy, sometimes a mix of the two.
Ayedo: Isabella is the coolest bean around town!
Sayf: I don't know man she was staring at a table and said it looked like a french fry.
by PrimeTheGoat March 19, 2019

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Banah is the type of girl who stands out in most social settings. She's unique and powerful. She'll speak her mind, and will take debates or conflicting points of view very personally. Watch out when making a risky joke; she'll make sure you know that you're a racist/homophobe/transphobe/Islamophobe/sexist/misogynist/misandrist/speciest/ableist, you pig.
Boy 1: All I did was tell her to have a happy Thursday and she went on this tangent about culturally appropriating Norse terms!
Boy 2: Man, what a Banah...
by PrimeTheGoat March 17, 2019

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