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Ayed, is someone who has achieved the pinnacle of humanity. It can be another way to address a complete intellectual, badass, handsome legend, etc. When Ayed is around, everyone around you is full of happiness. Calling someone a Ayed is the highest form of compliments there are.
Mawee: "Yooo Ahmad you're such a Ayed!"
Ahmad: "Thanks man, I try my best!"
by PrimeTheGoat March 13, 2019
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He's a deep, rare, and hard to compensate for anything. He doesn't repeat twice. He's a smart, beautiful and powerful person and know how people attends him, knows what to do and thinks he needs something in his life, but he doesn't know that everyone in his life needs him, I love you, be fine, take care of yourself. You deserve more smiling because you have the most beautiful smiles.

Lady Maria 73 1 December 2020
by Lady Maria 73 December 01, 2020
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1) a complete tard

2) Another name for a condom
"Do you have any Ayeds, man? I don't wanna get any STDs".
by Jealous Butterfly January 11, 2011
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