Ain't fucking around - no nonsense, serious commitment in pursuit of a goal, getting shit done
Dude did you see that guy on the squat rack, he was squatting 500lbs atg, afa mate, let's hit these weights!
by m3ntat May 14, 2011
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Propaganda-laden christian organization who wants people to say only "christmas" instead of "holiday" or "xmas", and ban gays, as well as hanukkah/ramadan/kwanzaa.
The AFA sucks!
by King Saladbar December 11, 2010
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An acronym that stands for "as fuck and shit." Adjective. Proper pronunciation is "as fuuuuck...and shittttttt."
"I got, like, four hours of sleep last night. I'm tired AFAS."
"Emily Ratajkowski looks hot AFAS in the 'Blurred Lines' video."
"I feel bad for that kid. He's basic AFAS."
"Omar was high AFAS last night. Libby wanted to hook up with him, and when he didn't let her, she got mad AFAS."
by Kony Soprano March 10, 2014
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Away From Application or App:

Typically used when messaging on the iPhone or iPod Touch using an app from the app store.
Person 1: AFA, I need to use Safari for a second.
by skateskateisntbrown May 24, 2009
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Short for American Family Association

An organization based on christian values whose aim is to present traditional family values back to America.
by Falconrath January 20, 2004
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