Wehn i pyte i cna smotise get teh wrods wrngo
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
The chat shorthand for "Any Day Now"
bob123: hold on
jan124: ADN!!!
by O.Love September 17, 2008
And but better👍
I went to the pool ADN met my friends
by Joemama68+1 August 20, 2022
Frequent mispelling of the word "and" and therefore, possibly the most annoying word you'll ever read when going over your work. Apart from "teh".
"Round adn round they went... oh, FUCK IT!"
by Mr Ben February 8, 2005
adn is simply for lazy assed bastard to lazy to type 'any day now'
-im guna fly adn

-im gunna stop being lazy adn
by sydney rules dis world June 15, 2006
Girl1:look at adn she is a bitch!
by Hi556 December 31, 2019
a little gamer wonka who thinks he can speak british
damn u look like adne
adne: you bloody wanker
by gamerboy 99 May 22, 2021