Autobuyer - An idiot with no life that feels the need to download a program on their computer to buy the best items from Neopets shops. They sit on their lazy ass watching some queer show while they ruin the game for the legit players. They are the reason many people quit because the only way to make any significant amount of NP on the site is to restock. In my opinion, they all deserve to rot in hell because they completely destroyed a good game. Without ABers Neopets would be awesome. The dumbasses need to go get a life and stop cheating on a freaking virtual pet game. GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK. They are all worthless cheaters.
Legit player: I was on Neopets for 8 hours straight and didn't get haggle on one good item.
ABer: Haha loser I sat on my ass all day watching Yu gi oh and I made 30 mil.
by Mr. Miagi April 13, 2006
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Derived from the word aberration: a departure from the norm

An aberator is someone who departs from the norm

They are different, unique, special, gifted even

It is a word I made up but it has special meaning to me as a dreamer, I wish to be an aberator. And I intend to use it.
You could tell she was an aberator from her strange clothing

They were aberators, they longed to be unique
by Dreamer🏞 October 16, 2016
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An Aber can be quiet on the outside. An Aber can be a great friend, fun to talk to, and sometimes.. a complete idiot. An Aber can be pretty and smart and can have all good qualities, but can act equally dumb and mean. An Aber is as small as an ant and can have brains smaller than atoms.
Wow Aber! You're so kind and sweet but can be super mean and dumb at the same time?

She is an Aber, don't talk to her.
by SJ13UAKWHOIAM September 12, 2019
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the most adorable girl in the world, a literal angel, the whole ass reason I enjoy being on this planet.
Angelena aber is a bit slow but its cute☺️
by Eli<3<3 June 20, 2021
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A person who wears Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, and American Eagle. In other words a Prep, and listens to depressing Emo music.
Alex is a wears Abercrombie, and listen to Emo. She's so Aber-emo.
by Sarah M. July 24, 2005
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A person who wears Abercombie, Ralph Lauren, and American Eagle (a.k.a."preps.") Who listen to depressing Emo music.
Alex is so Aber-emo, and get's me mad.
by Sarah M. July 24, 2005
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Abere’s are known for being very neutral and peaceful person. But then can become very huge assholes that can offend you with ease. She can be a great friend but a bad enemy
I like her but she’s such a abere
by 420S710b November 20, 2018
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