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A not so common term, in common terms meaning "attention attracting disorder".
This derives from the ancient meaning of ADD, which stands for "attention deficit disorder".
The parables are easily noticed.

There are older overused synonyms for AAD such as "attention whore" or "drama queen".
-"I am bored/ I met a celebrity/ I got a new haircut".
-"You have AAD".
by Franke5 July 11, 2008
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Asian Attention Disorder.All asians have this disease when you are heavily focused on a topic and you stray away from it in less than a few seconds.there is no medication for this disease
Asian student-"I have to finish my essays"*hair strand falls out*

*plays with strand for a few minutes
Teacher-"Pass up your papers"
by xxasianninjaxx November 15, 2010
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Acquired Asshole Deficiency Syndrome.
A tragic condition in which radiation damage causes the taint to fuse to the other side of the asshole, resulting in a plug sufficient to partially or completely prevent defecation.

Warning signs: prior to the development of full blown AADS, one may notice tingling agarose.

Known risk factors: microwave exposure. Exposure to American Dad.

Treatment: can sometimes be treated with a diet that produces wet diarrhea. May also be corrected by painful surgery.

Antonym- fistula.
Kim Jong Il has the worst case of AADS known to man!
by Magic69Pie July 06, 2011
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