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Name of an alcoholic beverage. It's a combination of pineapple soda and pear absolut vodka. The best drink ever. Originates from Santa Barbara, California.
Last week I got totally messed up cause I was drinking A-Wood all night.
by Dwayne Bowe September 14, 2009
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Commonly understood as a blunt. Cannabis rolled in a cigar wrap, generally Backwoods brand. A wood is larger than a traditional joint. A large wood is a status symbol.
(also refered to as a backie)
Person 1: I've got a wood
Person 2: Ew. Gross
Person 1: A blunt. Wanna smonk it??
Person 2: I couldn't ask for any better way to spend my afternoon :-)
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by Camden.Fricking.Snider July 25, 2018
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