The front side of a woman/girl
Veginal fucking
Natural Straight Fucking
Her A Side is boring and loose,
I played my girls A Side last night, it was brand new - I played it for the first time.
by Sameer July 8, 2004
A person who fucks with another boy or girl that isn't the main
I was hanging with my main while I got a booty call from my side
by CalzonManchado February 18, 2017
weekend, the days on the sides of a calendar i.e. Saturday and Sunday.
Person 1: Hey what're you doing on the side?
Person 2: I'm going to Lake Taho with Matta dn Jess.
by Nikkola March 6, 2005
Side - the third person who sticks his dick between two individuals who are engaging in a form of intercourse that presses there bodies together
Tim only liked to have sex as a side, for some strange reason he didn't like to fuck anyone
by Zelucifer May 4, 2003
The act of walking towards another person (Usually of the oppisite sex) until you reach the same point there at. You stop, then move sideways, but they do the same thing. So basically, you end up moving side to side until the other person realizes they have to go the opposite way as they were going before.
Jake: Dude I just had the Side-To-Side dance with Roshell!

Brian: Dude, I HATE when that Happens!
by CabBagel November 3, 2010
Something that is very impressive.

Synonyms: Wicked | Tight | Phat
"Whoa, did you see that bird get sucked into the jet engine!? "
"That was totally side."
by Hamster Alliance September 11, 2007