“Matta”pronounces Ma-Tha is a New York slang word that is a synonym for head.

The word originated in the south Asian country of Bangladesh.
I’m gonna crack his matta
by Alactic January 31, 2020
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Word created in Brooklyn, New York meaning “head
“Im on demon time bro I’m shooting at this niggas matta

“Yeo shawty Wtw I need some matta?”
by Mr.IFuckedYaBitchNYC January 4, 2020
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Unit measuring the tightness of a vagina. The matta is a torque rating based on Newtons per metre squared of pressure uniformly exerted on any object being pushed between the labia.

Tightness ranges between -5 and +10, with 0 having been normalised by the authors at 0 for most girls. -5 is frankly paedophillic and anything +5 is reserved for anything that has given birth and torn their organs open.

The optimum tightness is approximately -2 Mattas.
"yeah bruv, she was so tight, I swear down she was -2 mattas or some shit. I was splurting in like 20 seconds"

"You'll get over it mate, plenty more fish in the sea. I know she was tighter than a jew but you have to put mind over Matta"

"Ciao Luigi..... What's the Matta?!"
"Why it is 3 units of Matta Professor Rossi."

by Muzal May 6, 2007
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To Pwn in games involving great skill, coordination and awesomeness
This guy is matta right now
Nick is a matta
by Nick Matta March 21, 2008
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When dem 400LBT niggas say this get to fucking running.
"Kuz on gang dat shit MATTA"
by Lssss October 20, 2017
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Materialistic. About that expensive goods and status life.
She's real matta, only wears luxury brands
by chame December 7, 2018
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“Aye bro watch the killcam I just hit a matta trickshot

“No way bro that’s matta”
by Hail Bitler January 17, 2022
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