tha krunkest place in tha souf where all da realest people kum 4rm where u here da krunkest muzik where zones 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 r a place where u shuldnt go if ur a lame
mane in da atown dey aint 4 tha games so dnt kum dwn here popin at tha trap ya digg
by lil_sexc August 13, 2006
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A gang of turks and maybe some samoan guys who meet up in a garage where they have sex with many girls. Filthy
"Ey bro its Fizzy, wanna go A-town bro, fuck some chiks silly, Akin's Garage bro!"
by nunyabro June 11, 2009
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basically any city that begins with an A in any state
im from a-town, in the big WA.
by crazyb_tch April 04, 2008
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The slang term or nickname for the ATL. Atlanta, Georgia. Not Aurora, Colorado which is a suburb full of wiggers and posers.
wiggers posers ATL Atlanta A-town is not a Aurora south,north, east, southeast, west, gang.
by TeraPeo April 02, 2009
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verb. To do really well on a test
I hit the books fuhreal - I plan on A-towning that test, dog!
by Spinny Hodge June 06, 2019
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a town in massachusetts where the popos drive by and say "parks closed" instead of taking your beer and writing you up. where menots, hills, "the hop," towers, and res are a part of your vocabulary. where after a drunken night, it is always essential to go to bill and bobs to find other fellow a-towners. a place where it is forbidden to leave the AHS campus, but everyone does it anyways. and, if your lucky enough to play hockey, you get away with everything. most likely the only place in the world where the mascot is named after a pond (like WTF!) GO SPY PONDERS!!!!
that guy lives in a-town, he must thrive off of beat nights!

a-town is dope city!
by missing a-town July 19, 2006
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