The single mom is highly narcissistic and reckless individual, who wants to combine the authority of a head of a family and the freedom of the single life. The single mom is revered and venerated in the media with infantile adoration, reflected in the noun "mom", as if she was the watcher's own mother. Such pity-suggesting, sugar-coating language is hiding the true nature of that phenomena- women who chase away the men from their family because they seem as an opposition to their power over the children and a breach to promiscuous sexual behaviour for the purposes of constantly searching for more optimal mating. The cost for the fulfillment of her "self-realization" is her children's mental and physical health, as they are at a greater risk of poverty, domestic abuse and sexual abuse. Also, any corporal punishments and psychological abuse inflicted by the single mother to establish her absolute power in the household will stay behind closed doors if the child wants to eat. Same with any complaints against the new "step-dad" mommy brought for companionship in the cold evenings. Single moms is that they do not care about their children(if they did, they would make an effort to keep their fathers in their lives), but about achieving uncontested power in the household and proving to the society which idolizes them that they are superwomen can work and take care of children simultaneously while having no problems getting laid in their free time.
Single moms are so brave and stunning- they are the mother and the father in the relationship!
by Lieutenant_Gruber June 2, 2021
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A female who is the sole provider for their child(ren), financially and emotionally. This can be do to unforeseeable circumstances, such as death. Or by choice, such as artificial insemination. Often times these females are forced to seek government assistance, but is not always the case. Women who receive help from the other parent, child support or weekends at the other parents for examples could not be considered single moms. Though they are single, the other parent is still assisting them in rearing the child(ren).
Jane is an awesome single mom, her husband died so now she's doing it all on her own.
by PinkTee October 4, 2009
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A woman raising 1 or more children without the father present. Just like anyone else, they can either be toxic and annoying or very kind, caring people. They often get shit on, regardless of thier circumstances for being single moms. This is because they have a bad rap from single moms that were single due to being spiteful and abusive. Any single mom tends to be a target for incels. They are often expected to isolate themselves from all future dating and romance and deemed unworthy of love. They are expected to focus only on the kids and working full-time. At the same time, people get upset when single moms make it a "personality trait".
She's a single mom who left her ex husband and got custody of the kid. Her husband developed a drinking problem and cheated on her. It's her fault she is a single mom. People don't change or switch-up in a marriage.
by DramaticDictionary August 2, 2023
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A cocktail composed of apple juice, vodka, and crushed ice. Traditionally served with breakfast, or on an airplane, when there is no longer orange juice available.
I had a single mom before breakfast this morning. I can't wait to have another on the flight to DC!
by tedwhat April 21, 2010
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1. An unmarried female parent raising children.

2. A woman working more than 40 hours a week while simeotaneously cooking, cleaning, and nurturing the future generation without the benefit of a helpmate.
75% of single moms in America find themselves in this position due to the rising rate of divorce, not sexual indiscretions.
by Sylvie L. May 15, 2006
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A single female. Struggling and trying to balance working to provide for child, raising her child, and still having some time to herself. Usually, the father either left her because he was too much of a pussy to handle fatherhood, or more tragically, died and left the mother to care for their child alone.
Poor Stacey, struggling with school work, working a night shift and being a single mom all at the same time! But she still manages to love and care for her baby despite the hardships.
by Lunar Escape October 7, 2007
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Powerful, strong, likely very independent woman who either by choice or circumstance has the responsibility and honor of raising her children largely solo. Excellent multi-tasker, has a strong fortitude and has fierce love for her children and will do whatever she can to care for and love her children.
That mom is awesome. She works incredibly hard to raise her kids, contribute to her community, and is a leader in the workplace. As an aside, she happens to be a single mom.
by CTYYC September 21, 2017
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