6 definitions by cunt69

A term describing the act of bending a female over in the doggy position and fingering her vigorously with your hand in a gun like shape.
"What's that machine gun noise upstairs?" "Trust lad john must be using the gun on Lauren"
by cunt69 July 21, 2014
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A term used as an acknowledgement of something one is immensely proud of.
"Did you finger that goat last night"

"Ye fucking too right"
by cunt69 June 1, 2014
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A dick that is without doubt bigger than any other. It is also referred to as lamp post or Schmitt senior
"What's that las doing on that lamp post"

"Trust she's on Schmitt's dick"
by cunt69 June 7, 2014
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A Ruwimbo or Ruvimbo is someone who walks into the room and brightens up your day with their smile. A loving person who is always there for you.
A Ruwimbo is the best thing that can ever happen to you!
by cunt69 January 24, 2009
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"oi lad i saw this lad in the himalayan mountains once fingering this goat and his made was behind him with a pulled hamstring" "mate thats a joe"
by cunt69 May 31, 2014
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A term describing a member of the felli. A fella is someone who pulls pyar muff and fingers goats for days on end. A fella is someone who loves a good cock dock and would happily do it for a tenner. A fella will also answer to the name John Lauren if he is called for.
"Who the fuck is that fingering that goat"
"Trust that must be a fella"
by cunt69 June 1, 2014
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