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A South African mercenary, and leader of the Apex Predators, and is assumed to at least partially own the Apex Games (Apex Legends). Blisk is one of main antagonists of Titanfall 2, and the only Apex Predator that isn't fought and killed by BT-7274 and Jack Cooper.
You kill me, you're bettah. I kill you, I'm bettah.
-Kuben Blisk
by SeenDizzle January 22, 2021
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What you call someone when they suck and they need to die
You’re a bit of a noobiusbeckit

Fine hand me the revolver
by SeenDizzle July 16, 2020
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What people in anime do when something unexpected happens
I have a confession to make... I’m actually your dog

by SeenDizzle July 16, 2020
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Hrrrm hrrrm hrrrm
Translation:I’ll give you 1 dirt for 30 emeralds
by SeenDizzle July 16, 2020
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