1. A cup of coffee. The term originates from former U.S. Navy Secretary Josephus Daniels; when Daniels banned alcohol from Navy vessels, soldiers instead drank coffee and grudgingly came up with the term.
2. A pair of coffee shops in Raleigh, North Carolina; incidently, both are only a few miles from Daniels' former residence.
1. Pour me a cup a joe, would ya?
2. Let's go to Cup A Joe and get some coffee.
by Jared P March 7, 2006
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A cup of coffee. It originated from the time when cappuccino was popular. Then they had trouble pronouncing cappuccino so they named it cuppa joe. Then afterwards coffee became known as cup of joe.
by Urbanned September 13, 2015
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To most people and in most circumstances a casual reference to a cup of coffee. However if your boyfriends name is Joe it is a subtle inside joke/reference to swallowing his semen.
girlfriend: Hey baby I'm dying for a cup of joe right now ;) !
boyfriend: I'll pour you one baby come over here!
by Blondie1111 May 4, 2017
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(1) to piss in a cup at a concert, overflow it, and continue the stream onto the girl standing in front of you until bladder is empty.

(2) simply put, to piss on a girl
(1) "exuse me miss, can i interest you in a cup a joe? (splash)"

(2) "hand me a bottle, that girl in front of us looks like she could use a cup a joe."
by nilsssssss February 18, 2008
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