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A male, typically under the age of 30, who presents feminine mannerism and often dresses in clothing that is designated for females. This is not to be confused with a sissy, nor a cross dresser. Most femboys are androgynous, and can easily pass for male or female. Femboys are most often found on the Internet, as this form of cross dressing is found as a taboo by society. The term femboy can be used to describe young gay men or weak boys, often as a derogatory term. Femboys can be of any sexuality, gender identity, or background.

Most femboys have naturally smaller, curvy bodes, others have a muscular tone, giving them a more androgynous look. Often times, femboys can be found within furry art, or in furry communities, and even anime and manga.

The difference between cross dressers and femboys is, a femboy is often younger, and more flamboyant, where as a crossdresser is 18-30 and usually more experienced and passable.
John: "Hey man will you help me pick out some new high heels?"
Sally: "Wait, are you a cross dresser?"
John: "Nah, I'm a {femboy}, there's a difference."
by Bottom Twink June 12, 2016

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(V) The act of taking the postion of a bottom, usually in same sex relationships.
As a bottom, I very much enjoy bottoming.
by Bottom Twink October 10, 2017

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A person who dresses in clothing often designated for the opposite sex. This can be seen in women and men. However, this is not be confused with drag queens/kings. The difference between the two is drag queens/kings strive for a more stereotypical masculine/feminine look whereas crossdressers try to look natural. A male crossdresser is known as a MtF (Male to Female) crossdresser. A female is known as a FtM (Female to Male) crossdresser. This is not to be confused with transgender.

Also different from crossdressers are transvestites, which are people who use crossdressing for sexual pleasure. The term crossdresser can easily be shortened by its initials, CD. When talking to crossdresser, it is easier to refer to them as the sex they are dressed as. Many straight people do crossdressing as well. Anyone of any sexuality, gender identity, or sex can crossdress, crossdressing does not mean a person is gay.
Brandy: Babe, are you wearing my skirt?
Fred: Yes because I'm a crossdresser.
by Bottom Twink June 25, 2016

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The most immoral, arrogant, self-conceited websites ever created. This website is used by people who feel the need to be important or stand out of society, often bringing people who have Special Snowflake Syndrome.
John: "What is Tumblr?
Mary: "The Cancer of the Internet."
by Bottom Twink May 28, 2016

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Slang term to describe a person who has gone crazy, often to describe a tweaker.
My friend was tweaking and then he went bat-shit crazy and started talking to the walls about pink elephants.
by Bottom Twink May 04, 2016

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