A song that will always be good, legendary
"Yo man have you ever heard 'get low' by the ying yang twins?"
"Yeah man that will always be a bop"
by Maple syrup69 December 14, 2017
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The act of receiving oral satisfaction i.e. Head
So she gave me them eyes and I knew, I was about to get that bop bop.
by Tearin' Up These Thots September 1, 2016
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To fight someone. Used to sound non-threatening.
"I'd like to bop bop someone right now"
"If I don't get my assignment mark right now I'm gonna bop bop the TA"
by discopizza23 November 22, 2022
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A rallying cry for any type of sexual interaction: intercourse, oral, anal. Closely related to titty bop, she bop, and some definitions of bop. Term originated with Erin R. Printy of Virginia.
Can be used the same way as Get 'er Done.
Sarah totally got laid last night. Bop Bop!
by Sarah Wentz February 11, 2005
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used to reference a good song; to say that a song is really good
Situation 1: SHINee's 'View' is such a bop
Situation 2: EXO's song 'Artificial Love' from their new album EX'ACT is a bop!
by exothekings June 20, 2016
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You’re in a mood so you go in your room to bop to make you feel better and you tell your friends to leave you alone because you are bopping
by Caroline’s my side hoe April 27, 2020
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when the songs beat is so dope you gotta bounce to it a little
"dang bro that beats so hard, you got me boppin'"
by atebbe April 4, 2017
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