4 definitions by Robert E. Lee

Toothyboy originated in the heart of southern california. Although he lacked most fashion sense he had the face of a model and the body of a God. He dropped a 3 bomb on lan so therefore he does not hack. He as we call is "lan proven."
Toothyboy just dropped a 3 bomb!
Hey who farted? was it you ToothyBoy
by Robert E. Lee February 8, 2005
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An impulse bomb that blows off and all sound is lost for thousands of miles. Followed by a wave of heat and radioactive chemicals. The explosion itself is so powerful that the location where it goes of turns into a mile wide blackhole. For a split second you can see a mushroom cloud larger than any other, before being sucked into the blackhole.
Wow that was a huge symptonicexplosion!
by Robert E. Lee March 12, 2005
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Any person of white descent who hates niggers, spics, and anybody else of non white descent who show great pride in their heritage. Also has an extreme fascination with muscle cars and 4 wheel drive trucks. Love to hunt, fish, and drink. They also have respectable hard working jobs. Refuse to take shit from anybody.
Guy 1: Ron's such a redneck...
Guy 2: Yeah, I know... I saw him out working on his Charger after he got done hunting.
Guy 1: Yeah, I challenged him to do shots and he beat my ass...
by Robert E. Lee February 28, 2005
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