A girl who knows exactly what she wants to be, and exactly where she wants to be with money. A girl who has book smarts as well as street smarts, doesn't go out and party every night, but when she does go out she's the center of attention, a girl who doesn't mind when people look but anyone touch her shell beat some ass, she's loyal any man would be lucky to have her and she will make sure that he knows it.
'Damn she's a bad bitch', he said. " yeah, you have no chance", said his friend
by kyla milling May 10, 2015
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she the kinda woman you aint wanna fuck with. she got the biggest tits i ht e group and is proud of it. she can crush watermelons with those hoes. and lets not even talk about them hoes.... she got hella, and her body count, no one knows cuz she lost count. this bitch always gonna be the life of the fefe
by bxnc,jhvmjh September 7, 2018
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A bad ass, real ass, cool ass, down ass, fine ass, loyal ass female.
Zakai always been a bad bitch. Period.
by Anonymous🤫 July 15, 2019
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A way of glorifying R&B video sluts. It is a combination of antisocial behavior, trashy clothing, and, oddly enough, career mindedness. How you are supposed to get the said career while looking and dressing like Amber Rose is not explained. It is a term in opposition to a Basic Bitch, which is someone that is earning a graduate degree, and has a sweet disposition, but does not dress in an exciting, or body flaunting manner. If a Bad Bitch has a career, it is in the entertainment industry, and involves gyrating with little clothing. The top loftier of Bad Bitches are married to Rappers.
Now that Beyonce is a bad bitch. She not only a star, she political too!
by Martine 34 December 5, 2015
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Someone who isn't mentally prepared , dumbfounded , arrogant , conceited , also very unconfident without all their makeup and money ! Really a very dumb , lost bitch 😐
by Melanin April 18, 2015
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Bad Bitches are the bitchy group. They're not exactly popular, but they're at least not outcasts. Bad Bitches usually consists of: Kayla's, Chloe's, Alexia's, Kieran's and Maycin's.
Person 1: Hey! You see those bad bitches over there?!
Person 2: Oh yeah! They're so bitchy!
by oompa loompa looking January 5, 2020
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a bad bitch is a chick that is down to do whatever for her dude and she have that i don't care attitude towards any and everything.
by Tashiria August 4, 2005
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