The next level beyond being just drunk. A state of complete and utter stupidity.
Hey man, you were so shithoused last night you burned your house down.
by Alcoholism September 16, 2004
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When so called big (football/soccer) teams get beat by small teams like Preston (North End), when everyone knows they should be beating #teamslikePreston
"You've been shithoused"
by Fog916 December 13, 2018
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A method in which a person/collective overcome a challenge in a cheeky or slightly unethical manner.
"Arch used some absolute shithousery on pro-clubs the other night."
by ManLikeArch May 26, 2021
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Someone who is the epitome of scum, The lowest of the low.

Someone with absolutely no morals.
A person who's just out for themselves and has to regard for anyone else, no matter how close they may be.
Hello mr Roberts, how are you today? I've made you some breakfast.

'Fuck off! I'm trying to watch Jeremy Kyle'
Gav, You're such a shithouse.
by strebor nivag January 9, 2014
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Noun. A person who constantly performs the act of shithousery, or a place in which shithousery is performed consistently.
by Orðálvur October 21, 2021
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