name givin to machine gunners in vietnam. because the sound of a machine gun would usually wake everyone up in the morning. in an ambush or blocking position the machine gunner was always supposed to fire first.

also machine gunners where called this because they sometimes fought out of fortified positions like nests. hence rooster nest.
"man the rooster in my squad got like ten confirmed kills today"
by cyclic rooster April 24, 2009
a dick. in french it translates to UN COQ and that is a cock and that is a dick.
Dammit score some points!!!!! Were sucking ROOSTER!!!!!!
A male chicken. As in, a bird that lives on a farm. As in a food animal. One that we eat. Just so I am completely clear.
that rooster is interested in that chicken.
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 9, 2006
To reach one of the highest states of intoxication. It is beyond being wasted.
"What the hell happened last night? Everyone was so roostered no one remembers a thing"

"I'm gettin ROOSTERED!"
by Browndoza April 6, 2008
1. A female wearing a strap-on dildo, especially with the intention of having sex with another woman.
2. A female known to wear a strap-on dildo.
3. A female acting in a manner as if you are literally her 'bitch'.
'I wonder which of those ladies will be the rooster tonight?' Can be (obviously) intended as a derogatory term.
by Grumpy Panda February 13, 2008