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For some strange reason, do you want to know how to be "a nicky"? Follow these simple rules:
1. Constantly call people bitches.

2. Cock block. Whether it is a couple, or just a group of friends, find a way to cock block.

3. Be as awkward as possible in all situations.
4. Posses NO social skills.
5. Be a flaming faggot and annoy the hell out of your friends.
6. Don't get invited anywhere because you're annoying.
7. Attain some severe injury so people feel bad for you and hang out with you out of pity.
8. Proceed to pretend to have friends.
And THAT, is how you become "a nicky".
Girl and guy: *making out*

Guy: So, yeah, last weeken-
A Nicky: Haha! Penis lol guys!

Group of people: Let's all chill next weekend, oh wait, Nicky's coming quiet down!

A Nicky: Guys I'm in the hospital..
Everyone: Oh... I kinda feel bad.. uhmm.. hey Nicky uh... wanna like maybe sit with us at lunch..? God, we're gonna regret this.
by all of westmont February 22, 2012
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