When your mate goes on a mad one and you have no control over them
You need to be more like a lamb said James while frothing from the mouth
by mynanplaysbingo February 11, 2018
To become part of an official group or organization without invitation by simply continuing to show up at the group's events and/or place of business
Vinny lambed his way into the Yacht Club by showing up on Captain Yancy's catamaran day after day after day.
by marv3000 July 22, 2019
Be a nice person, be helpful, do a small favour. Help out with something. Be nice to someone. Help a friend in need.
Cmon, be a lamb, get me the soda. Martin is such a lamb. Be a lamb, do my homework for me.
by Good Samiritan October 20, 2013
Short for "lambe culo,", a term in Spanish that means a brown noser or a sycophant. Often used by kids in school to insult students who suck up to teachers by volunteering and answering questions constantly.
by El Don Diguidi September 2, 2009
Johnnie broke out of Rykers and is currently on the lamb in Mexico
by BOOF THWAP April 25, 2005
A male person folding his genitalia between the legs so he appears to have female genetalia. Showing this to a private or wider audience is referd to as lambing.

Also refered to a 'pretend-man-cunt' or 'Mangina'
Johnnie was lambing on the dancfloor last night. The people behind him were more amused than the people in front.
by K van Geene July 6, 2005
time in the spring when female sheep give birth to lambs.
Among the controversial suggestions to protect farm animals from the birds is to erect polytunnels on farmland during the lambing season.
by indo123 May 1, 2018