A fine ass dude from Vine and he's best friend is Jack Johnson
Me:mannnnnnnn jack gilinsky is a snack wait fuck a snack he's a full fuckin meal💦👅
My friend:ikr
by Amos:Jadegothoes July 13, 2018
he's a guy that's really fucking hot and cute and when he smiles u die
Person 1:Have u seen jack gilinskys snapchat?
person 2: *dead*
by smileho February 24, 2018
Jack Gilinsky is a amazing person that loves his fans and does not deserve the hate that he gets neither does his best friend Jack Johnson of the rest of the old magcon
Person 1-Jack Gilinsky is so stupid
Person 2- FIGHT ME BITCH!!!!!
by Angela123987 April 1, 2017
The sexiest, most badass, funniest 17 year old you will ever meet. Vine famous with his adorable best friend jack Johnson. Of course has some sexy ass friends like sammy wilkinson. He can sing too😍
Girl 1: hey did you hear jack and jacks new song?

Girl 2: yeah did you see the music video??!?!?

Girl 1: yes omg I wanna bang jack gilinsky holy shit
by shawnsoldier June 22, 2014
A sexy ass looking fuck boy with the Duracell battery hair cut. Who allegedly started in MAGCON but now makes music with his other cute bestfriend Jack Johnson. He also dates slut/bitch Madison beer
Dayumm jack gilinsky is so hot
by Fvckyapizza August 8, 2015