When a couple is on a date and you can tell it's a blind date or guilt induced by how mismatched the pair are. It makes for a really uncomfortable situation.
I went out with Ron because I didn't know he was considering it a date. All night, people kept looking at me funny like it was a hostage situation.
Honesty: "I can't go out with you because it'll look like a hostage situation."
by MadamexXx March 03, 2009
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After eating shrimp cocktail that has been under a heat light and drinking a gallon of mexican water, you talaban the toliet and lock your wife ( who has been not putting out to you )in the bathroom with you with no fan on.
After 6 months of therapy proved friutless, and torture seemed the only option at hand. I released my wife from a hostage situation after see agreed to have anal sex.
by carole and RIch October 01, 2007
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When you really dont want to talk with someone but are to respectful to tell them to fuck off
Oh my god I was in a Conversation Hostage Situation with James For two whole hours!
by Merrgear August 13, 2021
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