Girls (and some boys) who are sexually, physically, and emotionally attracted to Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. They are usually fans of all three boys.

"Hoe" was chosen because it rhymes with Joe.
That Taylor was a total Joe Hoe.
by lovely1joehoe April 17, 2011
Joe's Hoes is a facility unto which prostitution is highly active. Joe's Hoes is of course run by Joe himself. Joe's Hoes live by the motto "You got the dough we got the Hoe" and they value hard work and effort. There are 6 spots of ranking at Joe's:
-Joe:runs the entire house and it's hoes

-Co-Joe: helps Joe maintain paperwork on the hoes and the clients

-Main Hoe: the hoe that every hoe aspires to be

-Side Hoe: your everyday "hooker on the street" hoe
-Booty Call: a low rank that only Joseph's Whores could honestly be ranked at.

-Toilet Cleaner: where the term "started from the bottom now we're here" originated from.

Joe's Hoes is filled with loving and trained workers hired by Joe.
Person 1: "I want to get laid tonight but I don't have a girl friend"
Person 2: "Easy dude, go to Joe's Hoes they have the BEST services for a reasonable price"

Person 1: "What about Joseph's Whores?"

Person 2: "HAHA Joseph's Whores my ass!"
by Joe's Hoes June 3, 2014
the grodiest boy ever and flirts with a girl named shannon every night asking if she would fuck him
did you see joe hoe and shannon’s snaps last night?!
by posuser June 25, 2020
An amazing groupchat full of amazing hoomans such as natalie,marie,gaby,vanessa,mai,jen,paulina,lauren,alli,sam,abbie,barbara,taylor,jewls,maddie,kenna,emily,and tiffany and then theres alexa that single illiterate hooker
Joe hoes 🎄🎅 best gc on twitter.
by lex.golden December 20, 2019