(1)someone who tells on a person for no reason at all.
(2) A slang term used in the 1960's of some one who is very unpleasent
(3) A company spy
That fink Joni justed finked on me to the boss! I'm gonig to get payback on that fink!
by BruinKiller3469 March 26, 2009
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1) A bastard, in the figurative sense. Good word to know if you're in a situation in which it wouldn't be smart to actually say "bastard."

2) A treacherous person.
"Your brother's been back-biting me again. One of these days, I'll deck that little fink!"
by Qit January 13, 2004
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1. a strikebreaker
2. an informer
1. (with "out") quit; give up; let down
2. (with "on") inform against
"You're such a fink-- I can't believe you finked out by finking on me!"
by nameless schmuck July 09, 2003
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To snitch on someone or a group of people.
"He's probably in the headmaster's office right now, finking on us!"
by pyro1337 June 11, 2007
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After banging your partner, the combination of euphoria, feels and exhaustion resulting in a state of mind somewhere between thoughts, feelings and a mind block.
After giving it to my girlfriend she was kind of just lying there with a look on her face and I asked her 'What's on your mind?'

To which she responded 'Finking'.
by TeamHubbieHunnie June 14, 2014
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1. An informant or snitch

2. Something old people call you when you offend their delicate sensibilities
Youthful Individual: "The Baby Boomer generation ruined subsequent generations with their uneducated and apathetic view towards child rearing".

Venerable Old Man: "You fink! I'll beat you with my dialysis machine if I ever find a way out of this bed!"
by juxtapose519 May 30, 2010
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Extremely fucked up, to the point where you remember this word and scream it. Wrecked to the point where this word actually fits your status.

frequently used after taking several large hits of marijuana, or about 20 minutes after taking many shots thinking you could handle it.
guy1: yo, you were killin it takin shots earlier

guy2: I'm FINKED!


immediately after you milk a bong rip you are FINKED
by the dick of the school November 09, 2010
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