Someone who is not only stupid but also a female.
1."It was in a text message it has to be true!"

2."Your a dumb cunt, you know that right."
by whisk June 06, 2007
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A female (usually attractive) that seems to always manage getting involved with the worst kind of guys (druggies, alcoholics, wiggers, mexicans, etc.). It is bewildering to most because she has more going for her in life and several advantages that she doesn't use much to the dismay of her family and friends that love her. Her record of relationships has only given her heartache and STD's from all of her asshole loser boyfriends cheating on her. She is usually a victim of low self-esteem and an easy target for such losers to prey on. She harbors deliusions of "changing" him into a respectable man (her deliusons are only that -- she has no idea it is impossible) make her feel important in the relationship and that her loser boyfriend really needs her when he could give a flying fuck about her until he's got a hard on.
She sure is pretty, but look at that dumb ass loser guy she's with -- she's one dumb cunt for dating that wigger unemployed drug dealing booze drinking std giving asshole
by Foxy Funderburke October 04, 2009
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Both male and females can be one. Characturised by the severity of the blunder or idiotic act performed by that person. Another attribute is the frequency of reacuring blunders and idiotic acts performed.
Sharon Dyer (of Keswick) you lied one to many times you Dumb Cunt.

I can`t belive how many times you do such Dumb Cunt things Sharon....

You really are a Dumb Cunt (insert name here)
by Dewango February 19, 2008
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Any American who thinks that wearing a mask and closing burger joints during the coronavirus pandemic is a civil rights or political issue and protests about their "right" to make their own medical choices....whilst at the same time 66,000 people a day are being infected.
Bubba and friends: it's my right not to wear a mask if I don't want to...

Every normal person: you dumb cunts...
by Basil the cat July 12, 2020
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adolescents who take the meanings of English oriented words and turn them into slang or colloquial terminology.
Dude 1: How great was my party the other night?!
Dude 2: Um, i wasn't invited..
Dude 1: AWKIES.. *walks away*
Dude 2: It's awkward you illiterate dumb cunt.
by .jay. February 19, 2011
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A person who gossips to your girlfriend, makes trouble, her grades in regular classes are the same as your parents birthday minus 1900
by Professional Exposer March 14, 2017
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