A term used to describe an individual usually named Meredith. This 'Meredith' usually takes long walks by herself and has multiple sex toys for a old and dried up vagina. Usually 6-7 different vibrators to be exact. None of which can get even the slightest bit of water flowing in that empty well.
What A Dumb Cunt. Bought all the sexy toys again. None of which will work, what a Meredith.
by GoochSquire June 4, 2020
1. A woman who acts like she doesn't know a thing, therefore making a conversation totally impossible 2. A woman that constantly does stupid things
by bleepin September 29, 2003
An alcoholic beverage originating in the western Massachusetts hill town of Great Barrington. It consists of vodka, (typically Tito’s), cranberry juice, and just a splash of orange juice. May also be used as a term of endearment amongst close friends.
Bartender, I would like to order three Dumb Cunts for myself and these other two Dumb Cunts.”
by Bartender April 2, 2020
A person who makes basic errors and is easily confused or very gullible, and is usually a rescidivist in doing so.
1. "Wendell lost his new phone, again."

"What a dumb cunt"

2. "John Howard married Peter Costello and both will now share the Prime Ministership of Australia"


"You dumb cunt"
by Zinedine July 19, 2006