A term used to describe an individual usually named Meredith. This 'Meredith' usually takes long walks by herself and has multiple sex toys for a old and dried up vagina. Usually 6-7 different vibrators to be exact. None of which can get even the slightest bit of water flowing in that empty well.
What A Dumb Cunt. Bought all the sexy toys again. None of which will work, what a Meredith.
by GoochSquire June 04, 2020
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1. A woman who acts like she doesn't know a thing, therefore making a conversation totally impossible 2. A woman that constantly does stupid things
by bleepin September 29, 2003
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A person who makes basic errors and is easily confused or very gullible, and is usually a rescidivist in doing so.
1. "Wendell lost his new phone, again."

"What a dumb cunt"

2. "John Howard married Peter Costello and both will now share the Prime Ministership of Australia"


"You dumb cunt"
by Zinedine July 19, 2006
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An alcoholic beverage originating in the western Massachusetts hill town of Great Barrington. It consists of vodka, (typically Tito’s), cranberry juice, and just a splash of orange juice. May also be used as a term of endearment amongst close friends.
Bartender, I would like to order three Dumb Cunts for myself and these other two Dumb Cunts.”
by Bartender April 02, 2020
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