A Cloud is a person is who is a pessimist or otherwise gloomy. They generally kill the mood or bum out everyone once they begin talking.
Man... Jayce is such A Cloud, I've never felt so bummed out just by standing near a person.
by Azewilous April 13, 2019
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A Cloud is someone who you meet at a point in your life when you thought you didn’t need someone like them in your life but they end up changing your life. Eventually you end up losing them, it’s very painful but in the end you are just happy to have had them. You will get over them forever sometimes you think about them but you don’t look back.
I think I’ll love her forever, she was A Cloud to me.
by Someonespersonactually September 22, 2022
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A Web server or servers that are not understood by the user of the term.
What do you mean it won't work? I can just send it to The Cloud, can't I? THE CLOUD?
by RickDeluxe June 22, 2015
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haters, full of hate, procrastinator, , those who pass judgement, people who tell lies, A person that is sneaky, Someone up to no good, full of shit, some who is considered a bull shitter, Some who is considered fake
That dude is clouded, dont believe what he says; Trust me..my word is good..i'm never clouded; You're clouded fam, stop hating on everybody; You gotta watch out for the girls that's clouded;
by aceprimo October 21, 2011
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A fairy-tail like place where computers work perfectly 100% of the time.

Servers never crash, applications run flawlessly, disks never fill up, and viruses cease to exist. Even user-error ceases to exist, because The Cloud won't let it.
Programmer: "Sir, our servers are slow, our application sucks, and our employees are idiots. Larry just ran DEL *.* in the system folder by accident!"

IT Manager: "Don't sweat it, man...we're moving TO THE CLOUD. Pretty soon we'll bring lawn-chairs to work and spend our work-week beatin' Asian kids at online poker."

User: "Wait...can The Cloud really fix all that? What about our broken app and all the viruses?"

Manager: "Never. Doubt. The Cloud."

User: "Well the marketing material does say even a monkey can do it. Step 1: Move to The Cloud. Step 2: Make it Rain on 'dem Hoes."

Manager: "Brilliant"
by Chikken24 April 15, 2011
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A way of expressing how "high" you are
John: "That last hit got me wasted"
Tim: "Yeah, after that I'm in the clouds"
by Refelos November 20, 2010
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