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A Clockwork Orange is a book and movie with many different levels. The most obvious level is the theme of violence and 'ultra-violence'. A bunch of droogs get-off and take joy in terrorizing others. On that level it is an extreme example to those that do not feel self-empowered. This makes it a cult classic. On other levels it is also about learning self-constraint and how we alienate others by selfishly fulfilling our own needs before those of others, and on yet another level, it shows how being short sighted and trying to race to the end of a learning process can actually completely defeat the process. The story clearly shows that 'law' tries to subvert its criminals via brainwashing, but if someone doesn't learn to change for themselves, then you are only just holding them prisoner.

It is a book/movie I highly recommend for the analytical types. There are many levels to it and although there are some scenes that may disturb the faint-of-heart, it is worth it for the rest of the movie.
The movie A Clockwork Orange gives deep insight into those of us that feel alienated and yet self-empowered. It reinforces the feeling that I may do as I please, without regard to the repercussions. Thankfully I don't actually want to rape people.
by ismirth September 13, 2005

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a female masterbation website, clitical dot com, that encourages everyone to learn more about the female body and how to make it work for YOU.

Can also be used as adjective such as 'get clitical' which means you need to learn something about a woman's body.
I dated Joey, but he needs to get clitical before he tries to get someone else in bed. He is all show, and no pony, if you know what I mean. He acts like he knows what a woman is, but he surely couldn't find the important bits on MY body!
by ismirth June 08, 2007

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A human that is exceptionally small in all areas except for the genital region. To qualify as a sex dwarf males must have an average or larger than average penis. In comparison to the rest of the frame, it will look even larger by proportion. A female sex dwarf is fully capable of having sex with an average sized man, and has been referenced to as a sex toy in many pop-culture references.
'He was only 3 feet tall, so Sheila thought she wasn't in for much fun... until she felt the enormous bulge in his pants! That sex dwarf rocked her world!'
by Ismirth May 24, 2007

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1) Adj. Epicene can be used as a description to clarify that one does not have a sexual preference because someone who is epicene does not choose their mates based on their sex. An epicene is completely un-gender-biased. An epicene is not a bisexual (someone who is attracted to both sexes), instead they do not take gender into account at ALL, as they feel it is more important to have the correct personality match, rather than the correct plumbing.

2) An epicene is simultaniously used to describe someone whom you are unable to tell the gender of. Such as Pat from Saturday Night Live.
1) 'hey, what is your sexual preference? are you more interested in men, women, or both?'
'I am an epicene. I am not looking for a man OR a woman. I am looking for my soulmate, and ze could be in either package.'

2) 'whoa, ze is hot! Can you go find out what zer name is so I know which way to approach zer?
by ismirth June 08, 2007

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Someone who imposes a sexual preference upon themselves for some outside reason. A person might have no gender-bias, but decides that it might be easier to have and raise children with someone of the opposite sex. This person imposes a gender restriction upon those that they may get involved with.
'I used to see John date men and women until about a year ago, and now he seems to only date women!'
'oh, didn't you hear? he imposed a gender restriction on who he dates because he decided he wants to find someone he can have a biological child with.'
'whoa, I didn't know people could do something like that!'
by ismirth June 08, 2007

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Territorial wars over particular webpages on wikipedia. This happens the most when a moderator feels that a particular page is 'theirs', and they feel they know best what should be on that page. Any moderator who consistently reverts a wikipage because they don't like the data that someone adds (even if it is valid), is fueling a wiki-war.
Dude, that moderator has been waging wiki-war on the global warming page! He reverted all the information I added, for the third time!
by Ismirth May 14, 2007

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Gender-bias (also synonymous with gender-specific) is used to describe what is really happening when someone states their sexual preference. If straight, a male is biased towards women, and a straight woman is biased towards men. Gay men towards men, etc. Someone who is not gender biased might be bisexual (prefer both sexes), or might be epicene (does not judge based on sex). Someone might have no gender biase in their sexual preference, but might instead decide to impose a gender restriction to their life-style for one reason or another.
'Do you prefer men or women?'
'I don't have a preference, I am not gender-biased in the slightest.'
by ismirth June 08, 2007

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