Having a naturally high capacity for fat cells within the body while maintaining a normal human shape; usually resulting in a round face, curvy figure, and a softer, thicker body.

Different from "Fat", where the number of fat cells within the body exceeds the body's natural carrying capacity, thus forming cellulite, rolls, etc. as the body no longer has space to store accumulated lipids.

A person may be fat, chubby, both, or neither.
"I love her chubby cheeks: it makes her baby face even more adorable!"

"I knew you liked fat girls!"

"What? She's not fat, she's chubby... No rolls."
by Cuddlescut January 23, 2017
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what guys get in the morning, not a real hard on, but BIGGER than normal
Dude, I woke up this morning with a huge chubby!
by Fasybyt January 06, 2004
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A big pulsating boner, an erect phallus

See: Pan handle; big floppy donkey dick
Colin was embarrassed of his Chubbie.

Vaz's chubbie was mocked by his girlfriend.
by Oz March 16, 2003
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Close to being fat. Has rolls comin out thier sides. Has meat that can be piched off the body.
by Lindsay July 09, 2003
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Radical shorts for radical men.

These shorts are the perfect length to stay classy but still liberate those thighs from the tyranny known as pants.

Worn by broskies
Sky's out, Thighs out! Time to wear my chubbies!
by TLFisThighLiberationFront September 15, 2012
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