Basically wear horrible makeups , also having a friend named "Britteney" or "Bridgett".
Hey look at that girl! She looks weird! Oh wait, she's a british girl that's why
by maduca October 30, 2019
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Girls who be shaking all the damn time when they make TikToks. Don’t even know what they do but sis-
British girls: *start shaking*
by Timmy/ tommy March 9, 2019
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A girl who thinks that she's the shit, but in reality is not. Usually seen wearing skirts that barely fit, too much makeup and/or fake-tan, clutch purse in one hand, and a bottle of vodka in the other. She's most likely the first one to black out at a party or night out. She also has probably slept with every male within a ten mile radius of her location. Probably is going to have her first child before she turns 20.
"That bird over there has pulled every boy in our year"
"I know right, she's such a British girl!"
by fsejklsfkljfdsjkldfsklj September 14, 2020
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These girls usually buy all their clothes at JD sports and pretty little thing they always own a pair of iconic topshop Joni jeans. They probably make fun of anyone who doesn’t wear these clothes. Their snapscore is over 100,000. They tend to judge people while in McDonalds.
*girl wearing clothes that aren’t from JD walks in*

British girl: ew wth are you wearing you look so ugly

normal girl: shut up you are just a chav
by livininabarbieworld February 19, 2020
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a british girl is a girl who obviously lives in Britain and is obsessed with Chanel, LV, and Micheal Kors. she CAKES her face with makeup. she is basically a british version of a private school girl. spray tan, makeup, wears expensive clothes, and loves fake lashes. the trend/joke started on TikTok.
Alexa: Why are you shaking?

Me: Oh i’m a british girl. Duh
Alexa: Oh, LOL.
me and alexa: *starts being a british girl too*
by eccheerlol November 15, 2019
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these chicks amazing super. all beautiful red haired or blonde hair does not matter. hot chicks
british girls great! as joss stone. yea
by uglyman23 March 10, 2014
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A girl who thinks she is the last soda in the desert. She thinks that if it doesn't affect her, she doesn't have to help. She will not help you if she thinks you are her rival. Victim is made to be the favorite of teachers. The majority of the class is ashamed of her. She has very few friends since nobody tolerates her. Her "friends" are starting to hate her. She is irritating. If you know her and she treats you well it is because she thinks that you will not overcome her. She is probably obsessed with a boy who doesn't pay attention to her. Ah... Yeah.. She's not a clown, she's a entire circus.
Ew, here comes the accent fake “British“ girl, don't be her friend
by cuffedpringles November 26, 2019
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