1. Charles was itching to dabble in felicity's clutch purse.
2. "My...what an exquisite clutch purse!"
3. Charles was intrigued by the pong of felicity's clutch purse.
4. "I've got a right itch on in my clutch purse."
by Doktor Charles Lunge (PhD) August 4, 2009
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when you see a white person come near you in the streets
person 1: is that a yt person???
person 2: hold your bag close.... *clutches purse*
by Dr Phil's April 26, 2021
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this now overused joke/phrase is shown when someone thinks you or someone else is being a fucking weirdo, but the places that you would see this the most is under the comments of a white person wearing box braids on tiktok.
person one: *says/does something weird on a video*
person two: “*clutches purse* it’s not safe here honey 👩 👧“
by chuusouljaontt June 2, 2021
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A 'purse clutch' is when you suddenly realize you are way too drunk so you bolt, usually without saying goodbye to the people you are out with.
Anne did a purse clutch last night and we didn't even realize she was gone for an hour. Apparently she puked on the cab ride home.
by Myles D. Collins March 10, 2004
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