Imagine you want to live in Dave's house. To get it, you walk in and openly do a massive shit in his front room. Dave moves out. Thing is, your shit smells so bad you decide you don't want it after all. Leaving the house, and the rest of the street for that matter, a desolate rancid mess.

This is known as doing 'a Boris'.
'Did your mate end up with that bird?'
'Nah, he totally Boris'd it. Prick.'

'Are you going to take that job?'
'Just don't do a boris, yeah?'
by whatleydude June 30, 2016
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The Highest Ranking man in all of Europe. He is the husband of Mother Russia herself. Now they praise The Slav King Boris, AKA The Shashlik King or Super Slav, has received the flask of honor making Russia great again. Recently, Boris has fought off the Nazi's in Germany and will go on to fulfill the dream of a universe painted red along with a hammer and sickle. Boris has created an everlasting Soviet Union and has united many other Slav countries including Poland, Czech Republic, the deceased Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the conquered Latvia, Slovenia, and many other countries. He will make sure the Nazi's fall to their knees at his mighty power. You don't need anything fancy to conquer the world only 10,000 warehouses full of vodka.
All praise the Slav King Boris
by TheSlavKing May 10, 2018
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It's the boring in its most pure form.
You are not boring, but boriness lives at your home.
by Bruno Laurito Pires January 18, 2007
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The often overlooked pinnacle of awesome. He is an enigma, nobody knows what he's thinking nor feeling at the moment, yet this is what makes him appealing to EVERYONE. Handsome, intelligent, friendly, and refined, it is hard to find a single word that can encapsulate the greatness he exudes. To be a Boris is to be the ultimate underdog; everybody seems to underestimate and even forget about him, but he never fails to blow minds whenever it's his time to shine.
Carrie: Is that Boris? He's so cool!
Bo: Are you serious?! "cool" is just not cool enough for Boris.
Carrie: So what word's cool enough for him?
Bo: Boris. Just Boris.

When odds are against you, you're definitely a boris. it also means you'll WIN.
by Millenium Spikes September 29, 2011
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A sexy Eastern European guy of dubious origin who will sweep you off your feet with his twisted old world charm . He will leave you speechless in and outside of the bedroom .
Rose : My new man Boris is setting me on fire !

Brit : Oh My !

Rose : It's his charm ;)
by Apple Blossom January 13, 2013
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Pretty, Smart, Business minded, Friendly, most possible to be a future President, the most beautiful in a group of friends
Name, Nickname, Bori
by November 15, 2020
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