It bean stop lying all the time. Or your lying just tell the Truth. Bruh why is she lying to us???
Rebbeca Why you A Addison Rae

Tyler did you hear Suzan she is A Addison Rae
by Stella Karen21 September 7, 2020
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A girl who's followers are all simps or annoying year 7 charli wannabe's
Addison Rae: Does the WAP dance
58 million views (all simps and year 7 girls)
by Eleegah September 28, 2020
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She's a racist, and she thinks she's a celebrity.
She hangs out with the kardashians, and she pays for paparazzi to follow her lmfao.

Imagine making a crusty fanpage for addison rae....
by uarefads April 9, 2021
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A TikToker that is over hyped. She is really problematic and makes annoying TikToks. She makes these wired faces in all her videos and it makes me ✨uncomfy✨.
Local- Have you seen Addison Raes new vid.
Local- Oh
by September 21, 2020
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Tiktok personality with a combined IQ of a bag of bricks that cant tell what's an asian or how many millions are in a stay in school ....please god help us all
I hope my daughter doesnt idolize Addison Rae
by Qmerta March 16, 2021
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Sorry if I say something wrong I’m bad at English.
A stupid tiktoker who tried to tell dream to kick Tommy out of the dream smp so she could have been “ the next tommy “. her fans idk what she calls them also made fun of some of the dream smp members and leaked address, Addison rae is disgusting person, she doesn’t deserves anything.
by Djbdhshshe May 31, 2021
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