someone who tosses off - another name for a Wanker (one who suffers from chronic masturbation)
You Tosser - (You Wanker)
A Tosser - (A Wanker)
by Urbanite August 10, 2005
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a tosser is similar to a wanker, well, its really exactly the same. tossing and wanking are both different words for masterbation. if you dont know what any of those words mean, dont use them.
by king_jimmy August 21, 2005
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as above but more like wanker than dickhead, as the toss in tosser refers to the tossing motion of masterbation (or tossing-off). A tosser is someone who masterbates.
Dave is a tosser, he keeps tossing-off
by tonguestubble August 16, 2005
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Typically a British/UK slang term that originally/usually is accompanied with a closed fist waving motion from left to right (as if panting a high fence with a thick-bristled brush but from side to side in a vigorous manner) meaning a person that is generally unlikeable and irritating to be around. There's always that one guy at the office/gym/family function/event who everybody knows to be a real pain in the ass, usually an annoying and belligerent character generally tye the majority find unlikeable and antisocial.

Used in the UK commonly as another term of the same meaning for somebody whom is fond of regular masturbation. A literal 'wanker.'

In the US/North America a person deemed as a 'jerk-off.'
'After spending a week doing nothing but surfing nude images of celebrities and jerking off I can safely say that I am a tosser!'

'Look at that guy trying to act all macho in front of the ladies, what a tosser!'
by Llewelyn Dowd July 4, 2022
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ok, here's the true explanation:

while the word wanker is a more general and term for expressing disdain for somebody, the word tosser describes a person with a tendency to show off or brag in an excessive and embarrassing way.

or someone whose explanation of a word consists solely of another synonym.
"well at first i thought this guy delivers, but in the end he was just another tosser."

A asks: hey, what does tosser mean?
B answers: duh, it means: wanker.
A thinks: what a tosser.
B thinks: damn, i'm smart...

by klugscheisser July 2, 2007
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Noun, British slang; slightly offensive term: dick head, jerk, idiot, bit slow and rough, a non-violent bully, loud and rude + not brightest bulb on the tree.

Verb, Toss off, British slang for male masturbation; not the same meaning as the noun "Tosser."
When the cop got to my car and asked for my ID, he realized he'd pulled over the wrong car; what a tosser!
by Gillis1000 January 4, 2009
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English insult.
Implies that the person masturbates excessively. Also see Wanker.
by Danny Romer March 24, 2003
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