someone who tosses off - another name for a Wanker (one who suffers from chronic masturbation)
You Tosser - (You Wanker)
A Tosser - (A Wanker)
by Urbanite August 10, 2005
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a tosser is similar to a wanker, well, its really exactly the same. tossing and wanking are both different words for masterbation. if you dont know what any of those words mean, dont use them.
by king_jimmy August 21, 2005
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as above but more like wanker than dickhead, as the toss in tosser refers to the tossing motion of masterbation (or tossing-off). A tosser is someone who masterbates.
Dave is a tosser, he keeps tossing-off
by tonguestubble August 16, 2005
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ok, here's the true explanation:

while the word wanker is a more general and term for expressing disdain for somebody, the word tosser describes a person with a tendency to show off or brag in an excessive and embarrassing way.

or someone whose explanation of a word consists solely of another synonym.
"well at first i thought this guy delivers, but in the end he was just another tosser."

A asks: hey, what does tosser mean?
B answers: duh, it means: wanker.
A thinks: what a tosser.
B thinks: damn, i'm smart...

by klugscheisser July 2, 2007
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Noun, British slang; slightly offensive term: dick head, jerk, idiot, bit slow and rough, a non-violent bully, loud and rude + not brightest bulb on the tree.

Verb, Toss off, British slang for male masturbation; not the same meaning as the noun "Tosser."
When the cop got to my car and asked for my ID, he realized he'd pulled over the wrong car; what a tosser!
by Gillis1000 January 4, 2009
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English insult.
Implies that the person masturbates excessively. Also see Wanker.
by Danny Romer March 24, 2003
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