1 A female canine animal, especially a dog.
2 Someone who complains a lot.
3 A man considered to be weak or being a pussy.
4 Something very unpleasant or difficult.
5 A woman/man who is thoroughly disliked.
1 Hey Susan, hows your Bitch?
2 Is that all you do? You Bitch at people?
3 Dayum, youz a weak Bitch if you lost that fight.
4 -sigh- Lifes a fucking Bitch!
5 Dayum I hate that Bitch! She's A "Bitch" dude, off top!
by JellySickle September 13, 2006
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A woman that will sleep with everyone at a party except you. A slut will even sleep with you
A "Bitch" fucked everyone at the party but you.
by nodrog_21 December 21, 2006
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I have three of them at home, a big black one, a bigger brown one, and a black and white one. They are up for anything I want to do any time I want to do it. They never complain about being hot or cold or wet or cranky or a bad day at work or with the kids. They don't care about anniversaries or birthdays or mothers day and they don't want a card, any gift is always welcome. They will lick my feet on a hot day right after I get my shoes off or cuddle all night to keep me warm and never complain that they are getting stiff and have to turn over.
All they ask is a bucket of cold water and a couple of bowls of dog food every day and they think I'm great. If I let them lick my plate, or if I take them 4 a walk or throw the frisbee they think I am a God. If anyone threatens me they will gladly take him on even if he is a catapillar tractor.
I don't know any woman that even aspires to this level of love, loyalty, dedication and commitment.
Bitch is a good thing.
A "Bitch". Funny you say "bitch" like it was a bad thing.
by Bob Resare July 6, 2006
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A bitch can be a woman on the side, meaning a woman that a husband would cheat on his wife with.
Mr. Johnson has a wife named Daniella and a "bitch" named LaShauna
by Sante' August 11, 2006
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one who does laundry, cleans the counters, makes the bed, makes the waffles, enjoys being slapped in the face with huge nuts, enjoys giving blumpkins, does the dishes, is constantly naked around the house, will never shart, and never speaks.
A "Bitch" is a good thing to have by your side.
by scotty j nukka February 20, 2006
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A Bitch is someone that causes much arousal in passing whilst in a library or oranother learning area

BITCH = Beautiful Intellectual That Causes Hardons
That teacher is a A "bitch"
Man that bitch is smart
by Nigel Jermey August 8, 2006
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This saying does not have a specific deffinition but can be used whenever a bitch is bein a bitch. if shes doin somethin that pisses u off confuses u or just annoys the fuck out of u it works.
Mike- This bitch is fuckin playin games bro.

Danny- Bitches piss me off dawg but fuckit. Bitches is bitches is bitches

Mike- FUCK ya
by DPR-DG4L December 16, 2009
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