8th of January is send “Hi!” to your crush day.
It was 8th January and I saidHi!” to my crush.
by mangoavocado October 26, 2019
Person one: It’s 8th January! So f*** you!
Person two: Touché
by ii.izzy.yy November 1, 2021
The day I asked out my boyfriend.
8th of January 2020. The love of my life forever and always.

You sound go ask your crush out
Go ask them out its 8th january
by A 812020 February 15, 2022
Those born on January 8th are known to have lived long and successful life. Often with a tough childhood, but manage to turn out better than anyone said they would. 2297335096
John Black was born on January 8th... What a God. Enough said.
by john.blavk October 17, 2019
The god day if you were born today you are an OG
The gods are born in January 8th
by The OG GOD 08 October 17, 2019