Colloquialism used in the speech of Southerners to disguise the term African - American, or black when in public. It refers to those Blacks that carry on like they were some kind of celebrity, i.e. Famous people / person.
In the theater lobby, one girl was overheard to say to her friend, "That would have been a good movie had not the famous people been carrying on like that."
by Spartan Caver March 5, 2009
people who either
1. post naked pictures
2. own a 5,000 dollar camera
3. take cute pictures with their boyfriend/girlfriend
4. are flawless
5. all of the above
me: *post epic picture*
-10 minutes later.... 2 notes
tumblr famous people: *post picture of grass*
-10 minutes late....1,000 notes
by thatonechickkkk March 1, 2012