4 definitions by mangoavocado

when you want to be more than friends (lovers)

like the song jenny by studio killers
alex: i wanna ruin our friendship
sam: what?
alex: we should be lovers instead
by mangoavocado November 20, 2020
8th of January is send “Hi!” to your crush day.
It was 8th January and I saidHi!” to my crush.
by mangoavocado October 26, 2019
Tony Lopezfavorite thing to di
-Omg did you know what Tony Lopez did?
-Yeah he manipulated a minor into skeeping with him
-Isn’t that called grooming?
by mangoavocado February 2, 2021
heather with another name LITERRALY
hey are you lara?
yes that’s me
you’re heather with another name girl
by mangoavocado October 18, 2020