The Definition of an 8th is 3.6 grams. I'm sorry for everyone that got fucked outta .1 grams because of past defnintions.
Dude our 8th is short, its only 3 grams.
by Seanizzzzle August 07, 2005
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Well in canada its called a half quarter which is 3.5 grams and it will cost you $30. One last thing man you yanks have to pay a lot for weed

person1: can i get a half quarter (8th)
person2: that will be 30 bucks
person1: iight here ya go, thanks
by dell123 May 30, 2007
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4 grams of marijuana>>>>usally $50
instead of a gram, well cop an 8th
by Cypha September 01, 2003
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If you were born on September 8th, you are a well intentioned, cute, and mostly caring person. People love you and look up to you. You give great advice and love helping your loved ones. Also you are very flirty and sexual too which makes for a good night in bed haha. You are a perfectionist. Celebrate your creativity, imagination, and intuition. You have an inborn sense of idealism. Your idealism can actually be expressed in a wide range of ways. Usually you have dark hair, Slightly overweight, and have crappy eyesight. Ur smart but you are perfectionist with almost everything and it sets u behind like A LOT. If you were born on this day u have a lot of friends (mainly girls) but rarely are u in a relationship. Also ur empathetic and care about others but you a blind when it comes to seeing who is fake and who isn’t. Also you have anxiety and are very hyper.
When is your Birthday?

September 8th
by gxrrixon October 18, 2019
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People who are born in August are cute. They are so cool and chill but deep down crazy.
Person 1: when’s your birthday

Person 2 August 8th

Person 1: you must be cute
by Leo Vibessssss October 15, 2019
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Best people are born on this day. Caring and loving. Can be annoying but it's because they love you. Extremely stunning. Usually amazing singers and great performers. A very cunning person and is great at planning but everything has to be planned a week before. Overall just great people mostly.
"oh wow its a September 8th baby, they are so beautiful!"

"Wow. They are amazing. Must be a September 8th baby."
by virgo baby October 16, 2019
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A day in which the word Vibe becomes a myth to a reality. On this day, one of the greatest Vibers to ever walk this earth was born. Happy BDAY!
Son, today, July 8th, is the day of the Vibe...
by 8box8 July 08, 2010
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