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Typically, Canadian slang referring to 3.5 grams of marihuana. The term stems from the divisions of an ounce of the drug:
Start with 1 oz.
Split in half and you have a half-ounce
Split in half again and you have a quarter ounce.
Split again and you get an eighth ounce in the USA, and a half-quarter in Canada.

Generally sells for 25 dollars CDN, though this can vary greatly from region to region and depends greatly on quality, sometimes going as high as 35 dollars and as low as 15 dollars.
American: How much for an eigth?
Dealer: It's cheap, forty dollars.

Canadaian: How much for a half quarter?
Dealer: It's expensive, 30 dollars.

The moral? Canadian bud is better and cheaper. :)
by doktorfunk June 29, 2005
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One half quarter ounce of weed.

28.2 grams / 8

3.5-3.6 grams.

Typically 35$, a hookup is $25.
Yo throw me a half quarter for 25$
by jesus November 09, 2004
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