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Someone who boasts excessively and exaggeratively about his or her imagined talents or abilities. Also characteristic of someone who thinks they know something that others do not. Blow-hards are akin to name-droppers.
"Ever since John started attending Yale University, he has become such a blow-hard."
by Nimrod Nineveh November 07, 2009

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Contrary to many artistic renditions, Jesus appeared in the form of a rather plain looking man and is looked up to by Christians as the Lord and Saviour of the mankind, and has referred to himself as the King of The Jews on more than one occasion. He was born in a small village in Bethlehem around 0 A.D. where the historical biblical character King David was also from. Throughout Christ's ministry, many of Israel's most well known rulers and religious elite were offended with his authoritative and new approach to teaching scriptures that conflicted with their traditions. He taught that men should love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, and that they ought to love their neighbors as themselves, which confliced with many Pharisees' views of law at the time. A very large church with many denominations was founded upon his teachings and has spread to just about every nation in the world.
Jesus Christ's coming announced by angels in the King James Version bible still read by many Christians today:

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.
by Nimrod Nineveh November 13, 2009

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A form of music developed in early 20th century America by African-Americans, but quickly spread around the world to places such as France and Japan. It basically took every other kind of music that came out before it and turned them upside down. Jazz musicians are often very talented and rise far above simple technical skill into a realm of extremely deep, passionate, abstract soulfulness. The number of artists and musical genres that derive their influence from jazz are innumerable.
Some notable jazz artists include:

Vince Guaraldi
John Coltrane
Thelonious Monk
Miles Davis
Charlie Parker
Dave Brubeck
Bill Evans
by Nimrod Nineveh November 13, 2009

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This unique piece of electronic equipment was born in 1997 by Roland Corporation and is mostly known for making trance music more popular, and putting supersaw mega-trance on the map with its signature supersaw sound produced by seven detuned saw-waves all played at once.

Despite being used to make trance DJs and producers rich, it is actually quite an intricate and beautiful analog modeling synthesizer which originally came loaded with many Jazz-fusion oriented patches that are a far cry from the restless, overrated noise that is trance music.
The JP-8000 is an analog modeling synthesizer.
by Nimrod Nineveh November 16, 2009

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1. Lowered to a stupid, silly, foolish, and childish level by some kind of drink. Can also signify contempt.

2. Stupified or intoxicated by something false and dangerous to the point where they put themselves in grave danger.

3. Someone who drinks like a fish.

4. Most people submitting definitions to Urban Dictionary.
He's so sottish he doesn't even realize how much danger he's putting us in!

The preacher and his congregation were made sottish with all of the false doctrines in the Christian church today.

That sottish man is really tempting fate with trying to wake up that fire-breathing dragon.
by Nimrod Nineveh November 12, 2009

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1.The act of loving change for the sake of change, often to unreasonable extremes.

2.The process that occurs when a people are so desperate for something new that they elect someone who may very possibly make things worse than ever.

3.Constantly striving to be avante-garde, and hating anything that has been accepted for any duration of time.
<company> has fired their old CEO and replaced him with <name> who is in favor of changism.

Changism has sweeped <country> as the people have gotten sick of <old political system>.

<institution> has thrown out their old textbooks and have updated their curriculum with a changist agenda.

Changism is more a way of life than anything. It can happen in cities, counties, states, countries, businesses, churches, schools - just about anywhere.
by Nimrod Nineveh November 13, 2009

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Modern day internet, originally invented by Al Gore.
The original Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed a long, long time ago by fire & brimstone.
by Nimrod Nineveh November 14, 2009

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