Group of people that makes one class.
Different types of Brains making fun of eachother. Their class president is always the one suffering,rip Žabi </3
8.a je jako dobar razre-
(Jbg sranje se desi)
by TheMeowMeowHoe March 24, 2021
A group of people,with very big intelligence.
Very funny and swag, group is sorted by hoes.Group has :
Basic hoes,Hot hoes,Emo hoes, We're dating but not hoes,Funny hoes,Rock hoes,Narodnjaki hoes, Confused hoes,HomieSexual hoes and Shy hoes.

Also amazing, talented and sexy.
There are so many weird kids out there-

- 8.a
by TheMeowMeowHoe March 24, 2021
8==8 can be used to denote docking, a sexual act in which one inserts the tip of his penis into another one's foreskin, thus creating the "ball (8) to ball tube."
"Yo, me and my main man had such a fun night last night, we did some 8==8 and everything."
by mrfortner May 1, 2016
You want to fuck someone with no strings attached and keep doing it.
Dude imma bout to 8:8 this bitch.
by BigBlackGlock June 28, 2017
“<8” means “love forever” or “a lot of love” :)
Lila - <3
Jess - <8
by heartsforells April 30, 2021
you've heard of 69, laughed at 420
Now I present to you -8 haha
by JoeBackhand December 8, 2020
Friend: Do you think aliens are real.
Other friend: <===8
by AngryPanda111 December 26, 2018