a number that 8 9
Person1: Do you know what 7 did?
Person2: No.
Person1: 7 8 9
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by BukadaTR December 11, 2020
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Ah, 7. The absolute best number. Now there are many reasons, there are 7 days in a week, apparently god made the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh, the 7th month (July) is the ghost month, in China, the number seven is linked to good luck, there are the seven deadly sins, 14 cut in half is 7, but I believe the best reason of all is that 7 is 7 and therefore, is the best number.
"what's the best number"

Person 1:"8"

Person 2:"obviously 4"


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by im a very person so yeah January 28, 2021
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maths teacher: what is 42 times 9 divided by 3
student:(instantly yells out) 7!

guy1: can you help me with this?
guy2: 7
by yabba dobba da January 04, 2011
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The number that ate nine. It is a fierce and scary number. Most numbers are terrified, and humans, are terrified (except Chuck Norris).
7's prefered method of killing is eating (therefore he is a cannibal)
9's life was taken by the number 7. 6 was terrified, and still can't look at 7 the same way.
by 7sBFF January 20, 2010
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If you understand 7 you understand the secret of life.
7 is nothing else than 1 !

Life is beyond words, comprehensible only in the nine digits we
know (1 - 9, 0 is not a digit, it's neutral).
The circle of life is 1 (Birth), 2 (Becoming), 3 (Ending).
It starts again with 4 (Birth), 5 (Becoming), 6 (Ending).
It starts again with 7 ....

So, 7 is the beginning, the same as 1 (and 4).
by Tescheniz January 16, 2012
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I want you to go.

When someone says 7.. they want you there
Rylee: Zech do you want me at the storage unit ?
Zech: 7
by dlv1186 February 26, 2020
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The word 7 is George Costanza from Seinfeld's first child's name. Good for a boy or a girl.
"7 is a Beautiful name. For a boy or a girl."
by Denelle Kennedy November 14, 2007
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